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Pilot Electric Bikes was founded by two guys who were tired of looking for parking when going to the beach! Crowded parking lots and the never ending battle to go the beach was extremely burdensome. We bought some electric bikes, but they didnt have the nostalgia of the beach cruiser that we wanted. So, we started Pilot Electric Bikes, which brings the highest technology combined with the classis nostalgic Southern California Beach Cruiser. We take pride in that our bikes are made of the highest quality materials on the market and nothing makes us happier than seeing someone ride down the boardwalk smiling in style.


Pilot E-bikes is San Diego's premier electric Beach Cruiser bike brand. We are proudly based in San Diego to serve you and sell the coolest bikes out there.


Pilot E-Bikes is the San Diego go to for electric bikes. We are constantly playing with new technology and ideas to bring the style, comfort, and technology to our loyal customers. We have some amazing new items being developed as we speak.


Pilot E-Bikes is instrumental in developing safe and functional electric bikes for people of all ages. With the increased demand in the electric bike category, Pilot is assisting local authorities to develop safe rider programs.


Phone : (760) 269-4442

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